Rob's Orgone

How did I get started, and What is Orgone?

My wife, Lynn, came home from a Psychic Development class excited to tell me about something cool she experienced.  The group had exchanged a random object to do an exercise, and the item she chose was an Orgone pendant.  As she held it in her hand she felt like her intuition was some how enhanced.  She felt such clarity she she wanted to seek some Orgone for herself.  For her, this felt very powerful.

Being a curious and scientific person, I went online to read about Orgone.  It is a combination of crystal and metallic components compressed in a resin which results in an amplifying effect of the crystal.  It appears Lynn's experience was not unique, and others have shared in this as well.  I decided to explore my artistic side and begin to make some for Lynn, and realized others may enjoy them too.  

I cannot make any medical or scientific claims, but many people find Orgone to:
• Allow for better sleep, vivid dreams and more energy
• Decrease sensitivity to EMFs and remove negative energy
• Enhance spiritual growth and deepen meditations
• Improve immune system function
• Boost plant growth

Price List (includes local delivery or pickup):
Large (4 inch by 4 inch base) $100
Medium $50
Small $25
Memorial / Cremation Keepsake $125
Special Order $125

For more info or to place an order please fill out the 
info form to the right.  

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