Lynn White

Hello!  Please allow me to introduce myself.  I, Lynn White,  am a wife and mother of four who began my psychic journey in 2011 after my husband bought me a psychic reading as a gift. Up to that point of my life, I was skeptical of the metaphysical realm and only went out of pure curiosity. However, the reading I received resonated so much with me that I had to question my original skepticism.

The medium who did my reading often hosted various Psychic Development classes for people who had an interest in seeing what abilities they may possess. My husband encouraged me to go to one of these classes which happened to feature psychometry (which is the ability to hold objects and “read” the energy tied to it). To my surprise I was able to relay accurate information on objects belonging to other people.

As I began going to class weekly I realized that I had a lot of natural abilities that should be viewed as gifts. Prior to that I knew I was different, but worried there was something wrong with me; hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing things that others didn't. I hid from this, and honestly feared it.  My only knowledge I had regarding the supernatural was what I had seen on movies and tv, which I now realize simply is not true.

After about a year of classes, I started a blog to journal my experiences to keep track of my progress, and also started to do readings online through email in order to help people and to gain experience. This has been amazing and I have really enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world. I am a very quiet and private person, so working online was a good fit for me while I strengthened my skills. I have found that my passion is helping others, but I realized that I am only helping those that have found me through my blog and I have been excluding many people that could use help.  

The more I explored my spirituality, I was also led to study Reiki, and became a Reiki Master. I truly love this healing modality, and have seen profound changes in people's lives.  

I have met many beautiful people during this journey and learned so much since I first stepped foot into that first personal reading. I am forever grateful that the Universe put me on this path and that I was in-tune enough to pay attention to the signs in front of me.

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